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Worst fire department in the United States?

  • I now have a second video of this crew. Please search "A broken down fire truck is no good at a fire. Grants Pass Rural Fire Josephine County Oregon"
    Grants Pass Rural Fire Department has a problem with me posting this video because it makes them look bad. They have called the cops on me 3 times now for telephonic harassment, charges that will never be proven because I know I didn't call so I am in no way worried. It is without a doubt that they will frighten me in any way possible so that I will take this video off youtube. Two Grants Pass Police Officers have told me that posting this "DISPARAGING" video on youtube is not illegal.
    definition of disparaging 1. To speak of in a slighting or disrespectful way; belittle. 2. To reduce in esteem or rank. ***If anybody was DISPARAGING on this video it would be the fire crew themselves.***
    Part of Grants Pass Rural's problem with me based on the police report is that I have "been posting photos of (GPRFD) fire vehicles on line." Well, if you check out my youtube channel you will see that I have posted several fire departments on line (Grants Pass City, Rural/Metro, illinois Valley, Crescent City, Jacksonville, Medford, Glendale, Canyonville, Roseburg, Coos Bay, Albany, Portland...) and yet no other fire department has ever complained and in all honesty I have had more compliments then anything else (THANKS COOS BAY FIRE!!!). I have also been told that I can not trespass on GPRFD property yet as far as I know i have never trespassed on any fire department property....that is unless you want to count the FDNY fire station for Engine 10 / Ladder 10 or maybe the LAFD Hollywood station (amazing stations and crews btw!).
    ***IF GPRFD did a perfect job on this fire then I promise you I still would have posted them on youtube. I do have dozens of "good" videos of other fire departments so it's not like I only film the dumb and stupid and idiotic.*** It is not my fault in any way that they, Grants Pass Rural Fire, make themselves look DISPARAGING. And on a side of caution I am not calling GPRFD dumb or stupid or idiotic, I am just simply saying that I would film the good, bad, stupid and evil.
    I would like to mention that this was my friends house just up the road that caught on fire and I originally went over checking if I could help out in any way possible, I WAS IN NO WAY THINKING "HOW COULD I MAKE GPRFD LOOK BAD?!?!" Now I did wait on the main road for several minutes so that I could point out the correct rural driveway for a rural/metro fire engine (7505??) but other then that I could do nothing else. It was only after I knew I could do nothing more that I started filming. This video was the second time I had filmed a working structure fire (first was the FDNY in Lower Manhattan!) and if you check my youtube you will see that I have recorded many more from that point on.
    ONE MORE NOTE AND THIS IS FOR THE EYES OF GPRFD's LINDA MILLER: I post more then just fire department videos. I have posted videos of dozens of concerts, parades, boat races, horse races, county fairs, festivals, air shows, animal life, PLUS New York City, Walt Disney World, President Bush (no comment), Yosemite, the film set for The Muppets on Hollywood BLVD (was amazing!), Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hoover Dam, Golden Gate Bridge *AND* the University of Oregon Marching Band performing in the 2010 Rose Parade. HECK, SOUNDS LIKE I HAVE AN AMAZING AND VERY FULFILLING LIFE. NOW IF ONLY LINDA MILLER WOULD GET A LIFE! STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT MY VIDEO AND WASTING THE POLICE DEPARTMENT'S TIME AND START WORKING ON FIXING YOUR FIRE DEPARTMENT!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT?!?!?!?
    Grants Pass Rural Fire and Grants Pass CITY Fire do not have anything in common. Also Rural/Metro Fire has nothing in common with Rural Fire. Both Grants Pass City and Rural/Metro are top of the line departments and some of the best crews in Southern Oregon.
    Grants Pass Rural Fire Department business line 541-479-3366
    Oregon State Fire Marshal 503-378-3473
    Oregon OSHA 503-378-3272
    Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training 503-378-2100
    Josephine County Commissioners 541-474-5221
    Check out all my other videos including San Francisco Police Bomb Squad, Sacramento Airport Crash Crew, New York City, Curry County, Brookings, Roseburg, Grants Pass, Josephine County, Canyonville, Jacksonville, Eugene, Central Point, Medford, Albany, Portland, Crescent City, Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County, Santa Fe Springs and San Bernardino County.

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